Showreel 2020

Mayu Iwasaki bilingual actress showreel 2020

Mayu Iwasaki is a bilingual actress based in Sydney Australia.

Australian Agent: Mollison Keightley Management
Phone: 612 8302 2800

Music Video Reverie by Fait starring Mayu Iwasaki

Fait - Reverie

Reverie by Fait

Directed, filmed and edited by Matsu
Produced by Jess Parker at No Labels Media
Starring Mayu Iwasaki
Music by Elise Higgins

Mayu Iwasaki Action Reel

Mayu has been studying martial arts since childhood and has a black belt in shotokan karate.

Top Knot Detective (2016)

Directed by Aaron McCann, Dominic Pearce

Produced by Lauren Brunswick

SBS Comedy Series

Roo's Nest Teaser

Roo's Nest

Directed by Sebastian Angborn


Macy's 2012 Fall

Designed by Zoe Twitt

​Directed by 

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